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Tousen Kaname Biography Tousen Kaname

Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Suzumushi (Pure Insect)
- release command: certain motion, not actual word
Much theory supports that the first time Suzumushi is seen in Shikai form is after Uryuu Ishida’s fight with Captain Kurosutchi. Due to the nature of shikai, the abilities of the zanpakutou are only accessible after the user releases the sword. Unique to certain zanpakutou such as Shinsou, Suzumushi is released after a particular motion. This idea is supported assuming that the ability used on Ishida was after the release of Suzumushi.

Rather generic in appearance, the only difference, like the rest of the zanpakutou is its hilt and crossgaurd. The hilt, is silver in appearance that meets to with the crossguard. In the shape of what is presumed to be a tear (because of Tousen’s past) the crossguard has successive cut outs of tiny tears along the round portion of the tear. Meeting at the point of the tear is a small silver loop about the size of a bracelet.

Hooked in place on the sword as if it were to spin, the loop is theorized to vibrate at such an intense frequency, that it allows Tousen to perform ability Nake or ‘sing’. Once Tousen places his hand on the side of the loop, Suzumushi Chimes a single pure note. The reverberating sound causes whoever hears the note to fall over unconscious.

Suzumushi’s second ability, Benihikou ‘Crimson Locust’, is awakened with a motion and a phrase. After jumping into the air while holding Suzumushi, Tousen cries Benihikou. Suzumushi—Nishiki ‘Crimson Locust. Cricket—Second Motion’ and waves Suzumushi in front of him. Like a tuning fork, Suzumushi vibrates and blurs in front of Tousen. The blur materializes and creates hundreds of sword-like spikes to appear. With a second motion, the blades rain down and stab anything within a several meter radius. Ban-Kai: Suzumushi Tsuishiki—Enma Koorogi (Cricket Final Movement—Demon Cricket)
Suzumushi’s “final movement” plays off of Tousen’s disability. By stating the above phrase and placing his hand on the edge of the ring at the tip of his sword, he creates a nearly senseless field where he brings his victim into a world even worse than that of a blind man. The circle expands and rotates, exfoliating reiatsu as it spins faster and faster. The ring then splits into several rings that produce a black field around Tousen and his victim with a radius of about 60 meters. Once inside the field, Tousen has the upper hand as his opponent loses their sense of sight, smell, hearing, speech and reiatsu detection.

The only feeling that they have is their sense of touch, and more specifically pain. Because he holds Suzumushi, Tousen is able to hold onto his senses and thus have his way with his enemy. A true hell to go through pain and not be able to express the feeling of being sliced to pieces, the elegance and intricacy of Tousen’s Bankai can prove greatly treacherous. The only way to escape the bankai however, is by holding the sword portion of Suzumushi. By holding the sword, the user is able to see and feel everything around them.

Tousen Kaname, the 9th division captain stands tall in the name of justice. Alluding to the blind strength of justice, Tousen believes that whatever path he takes shall be the best in the long run for everyone.

Manga information supports that Tousen’s unwavering resolution is possibly due to someone he once cared for (possibly mother, wife/love or ally) died or was killed. His desire to protect everyone from then on out developed and allowed him to hone his skllls and eventually become a captain.

Along his path to become a captain, Tousen developed a lasting friendship with 7th division captain Komumura Sajin. “Looking” past Komumura’s odd appearance as a giant man with the face of a fox, Tousen discovered that Komumura desired a world of the least amount of violence. The spectrum of their friendship is seen as they fight 11th division captain Zaraki Kenpachi. Fighting together against Kenpachi, the two unleash both their shikai and bankai.

After striking Kenpachi with Benihikou ‘Crimson Locust’ and realizing his monstrous power, Tousen unleashed Enma Koorogi. Believing that he held the upper hand, Tousen struck at Kenpachi. But, being the beast that he is, Kenpachi grabbed a hold of Suzumushi as Tousen stabbed him with an almost fatal blow. Tousen almost lost his life as Kenpachi slashed Tousen rather deeply.

Because Tousen lives his life by his code of justice, he ultimately ends up betraying the Gotei 13 and all of Soul Society. Seeing that this path will lead to the least amount of bloodshed, Tousen follows Aizen along with Gin to Heuco Mundo in the hollow realm.