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Bleach Encyclopedia Bleach Encyclopedia

• A
Abuelo - Grandfather (This is what Chad Called his Grandfather)

• B
Ban-Kai - Final form of Zanpuktou! Has Tremendous power and even when reached it takes many years to master.

Bird whistle - One of the many whistles Isshin uses to notify his family that he is looking for them.

• C
Center 46 - Also known as 'Chuuouyonjyurokushitsu'. It is a place in Soul Society that makes all the decisions and governs it. It consists of fourty wisemen and six judges gathered from all around Soul Society.

• D
Dagai - The crack between the living world and Soul Society. Inside it is filled with a current called 'Kouryuu' which can stop souls from moving in order to prevent intruders.

• E
Earth-bound spirit - Those who are naturally assimilated with the land. They will only show itself when someone trespasses their territory.

Energy Pill A pill that each member of the 4th division has to re-generate themselves.

Energy Pill (Hanatarou's) Hanatarou's superior played a joke on Hanatarou and gave him a fake energy pill thats main ingrediant is just flower.

Eyepatch - Zaraki Kenpachi's. Invented by the Intitute of Technological Research to suck out spiritual energy.

• G
Gates of Hell - Any time a Shinigami kills a hollow that is completly evil and cannot be forgiven 2 huge gates appear with massive chains the gates open and somebody pulls the hollow inside.

Gigai - An artificial body which physical ability is equal to a normal human, and it is to be used in emergency situations. A weakened Shinigami enters in to wait for his powers to recover.

Gikongan - Artifical spirit pill that forcibly pulls the user's spirit from the body. Normally is used on souls that have dies but refuses to let go of their bodies.

Grand Fisher - A name given to an infamous hollow who hides his body from being seen while his neck protrudes a lure that takes on a human shape, and devours souls with high spiritual density to increase his own strength.

• H
Hakuda - Hakuda is bare-hand military combat in which the Secret Mobile Corps is specialized in.

Heavenly Wild Suit Puppet - It has countless thread-shaped bundles of spirit particles intertwined to connect the Quincy’s immobilized parts and forcibly move them like a puppets. It was originally created to allow aged Quincys to continue fighting Hollows. No matter if tendons are cut and bones are broken, with the heavenly wild suit puppet, they mean nothing, so one can fight to the end. It is a high level technique.

Hirenkyaku - A high-class Quincy technique by gathering spiritual energy under the user's feet to achieve a high speed movement.

Hojikuzai - Heals body parts that have been cut off or severly injured during battle.

Hollow - All hollows are formerly human's souls or Plusses. There are many reasons why the Plusses become Hollows - they're not brought to the Soul Society by a Shinigami, escaped from Soul Society, not protected by other Hollows, or when they wanted to fill their empty heart and seek out their loved ones in their past life. Those who has become hollows eat souls to ease their pain and suffering, and cannot revert back to a normal soul.

Hollow-bait - Once it is crushed, it will take effect and lure the hollows out.

Hougyoku - A device Urahara Kisuke created in his days of being the 12th Squad Captain of the Gotei 13 and also the First Bureau Chief of the Technological Development Bureau. This device allows a Shinigami’s transformation into a Hollow and vice versa. It will then allow the Shinigami-Hollow hybrid climb a greater level, surpassing the limits of their abilities. Hougyoku was dangerous and Urahara Kisuke was exiled to the real world for his creation.

• K
Kenseikan - Hair-piece accessory to prove that one is from a noble family.

Kidou - Also known as 'Demon Arts' is split into two - Hadou (attacking spells) and Bakudou (binding spells).

Kikou - The true form of the spearhead of the Soukyoku and as the executioner which looks like a phoenix.

Konsoh - Shinigami must perform the Konsoh/Soul burial in order to send the souls to Soul Society. But usually Souls that have strong grudges or sadness are left alone because they are difficult to perform the Konsoh on. The zanpakutou will return to its normal form when its owner is unconscious.

• L
Lion Plushie - The lion plushie is what Kon was put in after Ichigo and Rukia could not find any road kill. They found it all tattered up on the side of the road.

• M
Memory Chikan - It erases the target's memory and replace it with a new random memory.

Menos Grande (Arankal) - Gillian - Gigantic hollow that is born from hundreds of hollows that pile and mix

- Ajuukaru - Much smarter and stronger than a gillian, like a vice-captain compaired to a seated officer. Not many of them exist or so it is thought!.

- Vastoorode - Looks like a shinigami and is much stronger than your average captain. Not many are known to exist the few that do exist are only seen in Hueco Mundo. It is said that 10 of them would bring destruction to the Soul Society.

Mod-Soul - From an operation called 'Spearhead', artificial battle-type souls were created, which when used can strengthens one part of the body to a higher level. This is called Mod-Soul. When the Spearhead operation is cancelled, the mod-souls that have been created are ordered to be destroyed, but some managed to escape.

• P
Plus - Plusses are the soul that has been seperated from the original body and would not harm any other creatures. However, they have the potential to become a Hollow because of several reasons, whether they are willing or not.

• Q
Quincy - Relatives of magic hunters who specialized in the war against hollows, but this clan was destroyed more than two-hundred years ago. Unlike the Shinigami who try to purify hollows and send them to Soul Society, the Quincy kill them without any hesitation because in their mind, the hollows kill their friends and relatives, and so the hollows should not be given any forgiveness. A Quincy fights by gathering the spiritual energy from the surroundings.

• R
Reisyukaku - Spirit core that resembles like a crystal ball. By providing spiritual energy to the core, the user can create a strong cannonball.

Reiraku - Spiritual threads. Something that compresses and visualizes the spiritual auras in the atmosphere. Usually, only the upper-level Shinigami can perform it.

Rukongai - Spirits in Soul-Society live here, That are not shinigami's. They are sent to random locations(north, south, east or west quadrant).

Ryoka - Souls that enter Soul-Society improperly, without the guidance of Shinigamis.

• S
Safety Charm - Originally belongs to Ichigo's late mother that is said to bring fortune and good luck.

Sanrei Glove - Glove with a powerful ward that deflects spiritual energy.

Sekkiseki - Mineral that can block spiritual energy and spiritual pressure.

Senzaikyuu - The tall, white tower that's facing the Soukyoku - that is also why its other name is the 'repent tower'.

Senka - A special type of shyunpo where the user move to his oppponent's back, directly attacking, and sealing one's hakusui in one strike.

Senkaimon - The door to the Soul Society. Usually, this door is made by adding Reishihenkankon to the top of the Sankaimon, and Ketsugoufu is used to cover it up so it stays intact. The time allowed to go through the Senkaimon is only four minutes, and the door will close once the time is up.

Soukyoku - Shinigami that has commited a serious offense will be executed using the Soukyoku.

Shi-Kai - Another form of zanpuktou most shinigami's can preform this all that is needed to be able to preform this is the shinigami just needs to know there zanpuktou name.

Shinigami - One must graduate from the academy to a become a Shigami, and then they will be assigned to a certain area for them to perform their duties; one is to guide Pluses to Soul Society by using Konsoh, while the second is to exterminate Hollows and wash away their sins. A Shinigami also has to treat all souls equally.

Shinigami Academy - A place where Shinigami attend school to learn techniques and after they graduate from the academy, they join the Gotei 13.

Shinigami Cellular Phone - Its really not a cell phone but an radar for hollows its gives the weilder the power to be able recieve orders and track hollows.

Shinigami Hand-cuffs - Theses are hand-cuffs that are put on prisoners so they cannot use any spiritual power.

Soul Candy - A soul candy is a small candy that replaces the soul of the user with a subsitute soul.

Shinten - A tranquilizer to put someone with low spiritual pressure unconscious. Gaten and Houten are the stronger version of it.

Shun Shun Rikka - Six little sprites that come from Inoue Orihime's spiritual power. Their power is the ability to build a 'shield' and 'repel' it - Santen Kesshun (ability to repel the outer shield) for Hinagiku, Baigon and Lily; Souten Kishun (ability to repel the inner shield) for Shonou and Ayame; and Koten Zanshun (ability to repel both sides of the shield) for Tsubaki.

Shunkou - A fighting-style also known as flash release. It is a combination of Hakuda and Kidou. It is a dangerous yet powerful technique. Only two people know this technique, that is Soi Fon and Yoruichi. the military uniform, both worn by Yourichi and Soi Fon, is designed with a back or sleeves because of the high pressure built up, surrounding the back and shoulders of the user as Kidou is gathered. It will then empower the user in battle, thus the material on the back and shoulders are blown off.

Shunpo - A technique also known as flash step. It allows a Shinigami to move a great distance very quickly within seconds.

Souls - There are two type of Souls - Plus and Hollow. Plus is the most common one that roams around places and does no harm, but those with strong regrets in the current world will bind themselves to their focus of regret by the Chain of Fate. If the focus is a person, they become 'obsessed spirits', and if the focus is a place, they become 'earthbound spirits'. Hollow, on the other hand attacks other beings (mainly those with high-spiritual density) and eat their souls.

Soul Society - Divided into two main areas - One is 'seireitei' where most the Shinigami live. It is surrounded by a barrier and a wall that is made by a special mineral which completely blocks out all spiritual energy. The second 'rukongai' - the outskirts where the souls live when they first arrive to Soul Society. It is also the poorest area, but still holding most of the souls. It is split into four portions: east, west, south, and north. Each of those is further split into eighty areas with the latter areas are the worst place to live in.

Souma-fixers - Something that helps the user to synchronize to their Gigai. But if used too much, it will be painful to leave the Gigai as the synchronization level is high.

Spearhead - This is the name of the program that was given to the development of mod souls in the Soul-Society.

Spirit-Scaterring Gauntlet - A glove used only used by the Quincy. It has the power to disperse spirit particles at a high level. When a Quincy puts it on and forms a bow, if he or she can maintain it for seven days and seven nights, the Quincy can come very close to the pinnacle of Quincy power. However, it cannot be taken off. If so, the ability to draw in spirit energy to form a bow will surpass the limits of a Quincy. The Quincy will temporarily gain immeasurable power, but he or she will surely lose all of his or her Quincy powers.

• T
Target Leeches - Some Hollows use them; There kinda like claymore mines they explode when ever they are detonated.

Tenshintai - A rare artifact of the special operation division that can forcefully materialize the soul of the Zanpakutou.

Tentouken - Sky flyer. A unique artifact in the Soul Society. The user will be able to fly using it by putting some spiritual energy in it.

• U
Under-Pod - Type of mod-soul that was designed to have leg strength(This is what Kon is).

• W
Wakizashi - A wakizashi was used as a samurai's weapon when the Katana was unavailable. When entering a building, a samurai would leave his katana on a rack near the entrance. However, the wakizashi would be worn at all times, and therefore, it made a sidearm for the samurai (similar to a soldier's use of a pistol). The samurai would have worn it from the time they awoke to the time they went to sleep. (thanks James)

• Z
Zanpakutou - The Shinigami gains their Zanpakutou when they graduate from the academy (central institute of spiritual art). Each Shinigami has their own unique zanpakutou, and it reflects from the owner's personality and power. The Zanpakutou has two levels of release - Shi-kai (Initial Release) and Ban-kai (Ban release) which will increase the user's attack power. But in order to do so, they must learn the Zanpakutou's name and its cooperation.