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Bleach Chapter #999
Bleach Chapter #999

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Weapons Guide Bleach Weapons Guide

Shinigami's that are not accepted into 1 of the 13 divisions are given this sword it has no name and is practically useless.

The true form of the spearhead of the Soukyoku and as the executioner which looks like a phoenix.

Kuukaku Canyon
Canyon is suppose to be used to shoot of giant fireworks...but it was used to shoot Ichigo, Ganju, Yoruichi, Chad, Orihime and Ishida into the Soul-Society.

From an operation called 'Spearhead', artificial battle-type souls were created, which when used can strengthens one part of the body to a higher level. This is called Mod-Soul. When the Spearhead operation is cancelled, the mod-souls that have been created are ordered to be destroyed, but some managed to escape.

Spirit core that resembles like a crystal ball. By providing spiritual energy to the core, the user can create a strong cannonball.

Sanrei Glove
Glove with a powerful ward that deflects spiritual energy.

Skull Glove
This is the glove that has a picture of a skull on, its much like Urahara's cane, it possess's the power to seperate souls from there body. It is used by Rukia before Kon is introduced into the anime or anytime Kon is hesitant about leaving his body. It will not put a replacement soul into the body it is only used to extract a soul from; The body will just lay limp until the soul returns to it.

Shun Shun Rikka 'Shield of Six Dancing Flowers'
The Shun Shun Rikka are Orihime's own powers born to protect her, they are housed inside of the hairpins her older brother gave to her. They have the power to build a 'sheild' and 'repel it'. When first awakend Orihime must shout the Shun Shun Rikka's names and an incantation. Through training Orihime no longer has to call out their names or the incantations.

Hinagiku 'Flame-less Chrysanthemum'
Baigon 'Solemn Plum'
Santen Kesshun: 'Combined Sheild of the Heavenly Trio'
'I repel thee'
Their ability is to repel the "Outer Sheild" A sheild is raised between Orihime and her enemy and they repel the attack she recieves.

Shonou 'Cherry Blossom'
Ayame 'Iris'
Souten Kishun: 'Return Shield of the Heavenly Duo'
'I repel thee'
Their abilities are to repel the "Inner Sheild". A shield placed inside that repels damage within a limited area. Returns the subject covered by sheild to the same way they were before taking damage.

Tsubaki 'Camellia Demon'
Koten Zanshun: 'Cutting Sheild of the Heavenly One'
'I repel thee'
Repels both sides of the sheild. Breaks through the enemy and puts up a sheild inside them and repels the combined substance. Splits the enemy in two.

Shinigami that has commited a serious offense will be executed using the Soukyoku.

Special Kuukaku Smoke Bomb
Bomb used by Ganju he added pepper to it so the enemy wouldn't be able to see.

Target Leeches
Some Hollows use them; There kinda like claymore mines they explode when ever they are detonated.

Quincy Bow
This is the bow created by low level Quincy's by collecting spiritons around them they form a bow. They're able to shoot arrows that are not very strong there only good against low-level hollows.

Quincy Glove
This glove give's tremendous power to a Quincy if he can hold a quincy bow open for 7 days. If the glove is removed the power will grow even greater but the quincy will lose all its powers so its wisely used.

Urahara's Cane
When first introduced to Urahara he was seen as a mysterious character and still is well into the manga; He is never without his cane which may seem strange but this cane is actually his soul slayer. It posseses the ability to seperate souls from there body. The blade slides out of the canes staff which is actually the shealth and may look useless but when released it has tremendous power!

A Shinigami gains their Zanpakutou when they graduate from the academy (central institute of spiritual art). Each Shinigami has their own unique zanpakutou, and it reflects the owner's personality and power. The Zanpakutou has two levels of release - Shi-kai (Initial Release) and Ban-kai (Ban release) which will increase the user's attack power. But in order to do so, they must learn the Zanpakutou's name and gain its cooperation.